Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stars and Strollers

Big day today. We went to the movies!
I haven't been to the movies since I saw Baby Mama last summer (I think it was just a few days before I gave birth). So the Cineplex theatres have "Stars and Strollers"
each week - basically a baby friendly movie experience for Moms who are home during the day. They lower the volume a bit, put out a change table and leave the side lights on
so that you can see where your Sophie the giraffe has gone. The real bonus is that it's a room full of Moms and babies, so no one judges you if you're baby is fussing or crying.
So we met up with Rachel and Zoe, grabbed a coffee and then got our seats.
We were seeing Revolutionary Road. Both Mad and Zoe were great throughout the entire 2 hours. They both sat on our laps and watched the movie. We fed them. Maddie napped in my arms. We had no idea what to expect going into this, so I do believe it was a successful trip. The movie was great. A good character film. Beautifully shot. Reminded me of Little Children - except a bit less distrubed.
Oh, we also ran into Martha, Lachlan, Heather and Nolan while we were there. It seems that the movies is the new place to be!!

Also this week.....we took a trip to the library. I decided (in my effort to save money) that Maddy and I would get a library card. I figure we could save a few dollars by borrowing some books and dvds instead of buying them. The library system seems to have evolved since I was last in one. Everything's online so I can search for the books i want and then have them sent to my closest library to pick up. How handy! So I've already placed my order for the new Malcolm Gladwell. I believe I'm #109 out of 113 in line to read the book. So apparently this new library will save me money and teach me patience.

That's all for now! I'll try to get some new pics up tomorrow.

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