Sunday, January 25, 2009

Weekend Update

Was a busy weekend for us!! We started things off on Friday by ordering some pizza (wild times!!). We had officially run out of groceries that were suitable for dinner (unlike me, Michael won't eat pancakes for dinner.....he has dinner "standards") and Michael got home a a bit later than usual from work, so it just seemed easier order in. We have been trying very hard to save money by not eating out. I think in the past month we've now eaten out twice - which is pretty good for us. When we were both working we would usually eat out anywhere between 2-4 times a week. We then settled in to watch our favourite Friday shows: Wifeswap and Supernanny.
Maddy was asleep for most of the Friday evening activies. She now usually goes to bed without much of a fuss and just wakes to feed. So she's sleeping 7pm-7am with anywhere from 3 or 4 feeds in that time. She probably doesn't need to eat that much during the night....but sometimes I'm just weak and I want to cuddle with her. I will likely pay for this in the future!!

Saturday, Michael and Maddy spent the day together while I went to lunch with Cora. We hit up a favourite of ours in Yorkville - Cafe Nervosa. We had our usual favourites along with a few cups of coffee and a glass of wine. We did a quick tour of Indigo books (more coffee) and then headed our separate ways. It's always nice when we get to hangout....just like old times!!
Saturday night I cooked dinner for Michael (had finally found time to pick up groceries). I made stuffed pork tenderloin came stuffed from the butcher so it was tres easy. I went to bed early and Michael stayed up to play some video games.

Today (Sunday) my friend Lindsay (Linz and I go way back to our first year of University. We were on the same floor in residence and also in the same program - Kinesiology. We often had "study parties".....there were many cue cards involved) and I went for coffee at Starbucks on Queen St. I then picked up Maddy and headed to Amber's house for brunch. Mad was very well behaved and just chilled in her car seat with her toys while we ate. Amber then dressed Maddy up in the new outfit she bought her for Christmas. Naptime approached quickly so we had to bust on outta there to get home. After a quick nap we (M&M and myself) headed to a store in the west end to check out cloth diapers. I'll post more about that in a bit. Off to get some juice....maybe watch the Duggar wedding special. LOL

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  1. Yeah! I love a shout out in a blog! :)

    Great to see you this weekend, maybe a brunch next month?