Sunday, January 10, 2010

Weekend Pics

Here's what happens when you ask her to show you her belly button. She then comes over to you and asks to see yours and wants to poke it. It's cute so you pull up your shirt to let her, of course.

She was wondering around with a bag of crackers. I thought she was just snacking. Then I realized she had put a handful of them on the couch next to Winston. She then started to feed him directly. This dog has it made - he doesn't even have to get off the couch!!

Breakfast - apple sauce and cereal.

She does this big toothy grin a lot now and I just looooove it.


  1. Hello How do you do?...I'm an Indonesian, living in Yogyakarta district of Java Island.

    I enjoy reading your blog, for I could learn english ang other culture. It's very nice to read I came across with many new vocabularies.

    Thanks, have a great blogging.

  2. Your kid is very lovely and cute indeed! It must always make you and your husband very very happy.