Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our Little Telus Fan

So I do believe I've mentioned the Little Lady's fascination with hippos, no? Specifically the hippos from the Telus commercials. Well, she's become a bit obsessed with watching the commercials on our computers. She can't even walk by my laptop without pointing at it and demanding her "po".
We've since branched out to explore the other Telus animal commercials. She saw the image of the animals on the youtube page and kept pointing to them until we would finally click on one. She's about thisclose to figuring out how to work the mouse herself so that she can watch what she wants. At first I was against this, but I now think that it would be easier if she could just operate the computer herself.
Here she is watching a Telus commercial.....you can tell which animals are in the commercial because Madeline makes the animal sounds when they come on the screen. My favourite part: when she tries to tickle the animals.

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