Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The hunt is on.

I have never in my life wanted Spring to come more than I do right now. Never have I felt so done with Winter and in need of warmer weather, sunny skies and green grass. I need to go to the park, go to the beach....go anywhere without a big coat, hats and mitts. I'm so sick of car salt being on my hands. I miss being able to open my windows. I miss breathing fresh air on a daily basis. I want to wear skirts and flip flops again. I want to wash my hair and step outside before it has dried. I want to bbq (well, I want to have Michael bbq for me).
I can feel my need for Spring in my shoulders. That may make no sense to some people.....but some of you out there probably know what I mean!!
Madeline also wants Spring to come. She wants to wear onesies with nothing else. She wants to play in (eat?) the sand at Nana and Grampa's cottage. She wants to wear floppy hats and nap in the sun. She's ready to play on the swings down the street!
So Madeline and I are now on the hunt for Spring. Today we went looking for it at the mall. We found a few signs of it.....bright coloured clothes, bathing suits....Easter candy. All good signs. The hunt will continue......

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