Wednesday, February 25, 2009

6 month check-up

I took Mad to the dr today for her 6 month check up. We waited over an hour to see the dr. A whole hour was spent in the waiting room. I was very thankful that Maddy is such an easy-going gal. She sat on my lap the whole time, chewed her Sophie and charmed the strangers that walked by (which of course meant Mom was making small talk the whole time!).
She's now 16lbs and 10oz....which puts her in the 54th percentile for weight and 27" long which puts her in the 84th percentile for height. We have to wait a couple more weeks to get her shots because it turns out it hasn't been a full 2 months since the last round. I was fine with this since we had already been there long enough and we were both hungry.
Here are some pics I took this evening.

Dad throwing Mad in the air... Showing us how she can push up....

Oh - this one is from last week I think. I'll have to post about my triumph over the Leapfrog corporation. But baby is no time right now.

This is a pose she likes to do when I am taking her picture :) Yes, that's a large poop stain on her onesie. Ooops! Or should I say "pooops!!"

Dad and can see her hair is getting longer in this one....

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