Saturday, August 28, 2010

Leap Frog - Tag Junior

We've had the Tag Junior in our home since last fall but Madeline is just starting to really use it on her own. For those of you not familiar with the Tag system, it's a "toy" that helps kids learn to read. At her age, it's actually more about helping children enjoy books and reading. It gives her a bit of independence with her books (I don't always have to be around) and it brings the books to life (music, sound FX, etc).
As you can see in the pictures below - the Tag Junior is designed perfectly to fit in the hands of the little ones (unlike the Tag which is designed for older kids and looks more like a pen). Madeline just grabs it, presses the on button and then starts to explore her Tag books by placing the toy anywhere on the book. The toy then plays a corresponding sound (it reads the words, or a character in the book says something or it plays music).

While we do read to Maddy a lot, she absolutely loves books so this toy has allowed her to explore her books on her own. You can also program the Tag to say your child's name when they turn it on. I think this is a new feature....or else I'm just discovering it. Madeline loves that it says "Hello Madeline" every time she presses the on switch.

The only drawback to the Tag Junior is that you need to buy the special books to be able to use it (obviously!). The books are reasonably priced and have lots of popular titles (Winnie the Pooh, Dora) so it's not a huge deal. Clearly she enjoys it.....

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