Saturday, August 28, 2010

Happy Birthday!!

On Tuesday, our little girl turned the big 0-2!! Oy!
We spent the special day up at the cottage with Nana and Aunt Judy. She opened a couple of presents from Nana and Mom/Dad - both were a big hit. We got her the My First Dollhouse from Fisher Price. This thing was out of stock everywhere I went back in June. I must have gone to 5 different stores looking for it. I finally found it at the TRU at Yonge & Eg and I had to carry the massive box down the street (lets remember I was 7 months the box just seemed bigger). 2 weeks before her birthday it went on sale and every store seemed to have it in stock.
Anyhoo, she absolutely loves it and has been playing with it non-stop since she got it. So my adventures to find it have paid off.
Tomorrow we'll be celebrating with the whole family at a party at Nana's house. She's been talking about her Birthday party for about a month now. I have no idea if she really knows what it's all about. She'll tell you that there will be cake and balloons and that people will sing "Happy Birthday". I think she's most excited about the balloons. I'm most excited about the cake.... and maybe the wine :)

In other news, Ben had his first dr's appointment last week and gained over a pound since we left the hospital. He's feeding really well and seems to be growing like a weed. He's quite a happy little man.

Saying "cheese".....

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