Monday, July 26, 2010

Late night tunes

A quick video for Nana. Sorry Nana, I tried to get her to say "hi" but this was taken at 9pm last night (after a family outing to the beaches for ice cream) and she was in a bit of a wacky mood!
But she did sing her ABC's for you and it included her trademark "big finish".

We had a great weekend - Saturday we hit up the zoo in the morning. It was insanely hot and humid but all the animals were putting on a great show despite this. We only lasted 2 hours because Michael and I had not dressed appropriately for the heat!!

Yesterday we spent most of the day cleaning and organizing to get ready for baby #2. We hung pictures and pulled out more of the baby items that we'll need. We also rearranged closets so that we can put all of his clothes away. We're getting there! Off to a meeting now.....

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