Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Back from Florida

So you may have been wondering where the blog updates have been!?! Well, we took a little family get-away to Florida! We returned this week, but I've been busy catching up with work. Sorry 'bout that. So I've included some pictures from our trip. For Madeline, this was a trip of many firsts....first airplane ride, first trip to disney, first time sitting on an alligator. We were just outside of Orlando, staying in a house my Mom and Aunt have rented. My brother Matt and sister Jenny were also there so there was lots of family togetherness! The weather, as you may have heard, was not incredible. It was cold for 4 out of the 7 days. Our last 3 days there it was warm enough to swim. We kept busy though with lots of day trips and outings. My favourite was our trip to Gatorland.

Here's Mads at Gatorland, riding the gator:

Her first trip to the beach! We took a 2 day road trip to Clearwater. It was cold at the beach!

Her first time at Disney World! We spent the day there with Matt and Jenny. Here we are riding It's a Small World. Classic.

Breakfast with Daddy:

As you can see here, it did get really warm. Swim time:

More Gatorland fun:

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