Thursday, December 10, 2009

Appliance Saga

Well life around here has been busy! I feel like I haven't even grabbed a new picture of Mads in the past few weeks. Above is one of the most recent. So what's been keeping us so busy? A combination of a broken dishwasher, a sick nanny, holiday parties, Christmas shopping, work, work and more work.
Can I just share with you the saga of my broken dishwasher? It sounds like it shouldn't be that big of a deal but you wouldn't believe all the effort that had to go into getting it replaced.
One night dishwasher makes crazy sounds - clearly broken.
Dishes are still in the washer and it's filled with dirty water.
Takes us a day to get someone to come look at it.
They come and tell us the motor is broken - $250 minium to fix.
I say "no way". Dishwasher is already old and crappy so I want a new one.
We head to Home Depot tha night. Nothing in stock.
A couple days pass. We're too busy to do anything.
The water in the old dishwasher is starting to smell. I try to neutrilize with vinigar and lemon.
I finally just call Sears and order a dishwasher I find on their website.
Dishes are piling up in kitchen - i'm trying to keep up with them.
It'll arrive in about 5 days. I have to be home between 7am and 5pm. How convenient.
The dishwasher arrives. It's black. I thought I ordered white.
At this point I don't care.
Dirty water still smells in old dishwasher. Michael scoops it out to try to empty it.
We have another guy come in to install my black dishwasher.
It doesn't fit. Apparently it's too big for the space (i was told they're all the same size).
He leaves.
I'm now looking for a handyman to come in and slice out part of our cabinets to make this thing fit.
Another day passes. Handyman comes.
He cuts out part of the cabinet.
2 and a half hours later by new dishwasher is installed.
Now we just need someone to come take away the old one.
I hope you've enjoyed my long dishwasher story. I'm sure you can imagine what this was like for me.

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