Tuesday, November 24, 2009

We're going to the zoo, zoo zoo

how about you, you, you? Everybody now!
It's actually more like "we went to the zoo, zoo, zoo"!
On Sunday we took advantage of the gorgeous November weather (looooving that it's been over 10 degrees and no snow!!) and took Mads to the zoo. You may recall that she had been to the zoo a few months ago with Henri and out nanny, but this was the first time we got to take her.
Michael and I are big fans of the zoo - we actually had our second date there. So I figured that going to the zoo with Madeline at this age was really more about us than it was about her. But I was wrong. She loved it. She interacted with all the animals and signed for "more" if we tried to leave an exhibit before she was ready. Oh, she also now signs "finished" not just for meal times. If she's done with an animal at the zoo - "finished". So, what did we see? Macaque, Gibons, Orangutans (my fav), Polar bears, crocs, tigers, apes, elephants, hipos and rinos. Spent the most time with any type of monkey. Aunt Katie - I think she's got your love for the monkey. She also really enjoyed the hipos and rinos. They both put on a great show.
The weather was perfect so the animals were really active. The fall is always such a good time to go to the zoo.
After a quick stop in the gift shop (Michael's fav) we were on our way home (with new book and plastic rino figurine in hand....mostly for Michael).
We were home in time for afternoon nap! The beauty of where we live is that we can be at the zoo in about 20 minutes on a Sunday. So it's actually an outing we can squeeze in between her morning and afternoon nap. We're thinking of buying a pass!


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