Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I have the sweetest child

I can't even describe her sweetness. Today her nanny was sick, so Mads was home with Michael and I. We ended up splitting the day so that we could each get in a half day of work. I took the first shift. 9am-1pm. She napped from 8:30-10am. So that was cool. I got some work done. 10-1pm consisted of her showing me where her ears/eyes/belly button/teeth were and her picking out books for me to read while she sat in my lap. She picks out a book and basically shows me where I should sit. She then climbs (she doesn't just sit, she climbs) into my lap and lets me read her the book. She then trots off and finds a new book for us to read. The entire morning was spent like that. Brief breaks were taken for hugs and kisses and of course snacks of grapes, blueberries and yogurt. Oh, did i mention that she still plays with my hair while sucking her fingers? Yes, well now, she also takes my hair (while sucking her fingers) and rubs her ear with it. It's intentional and i'm not sure what it's all about. Must be a 15 month old thing!

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  1. That is the most adorable photo. Got goose bumps! I need to get professional pics! please send the details on your photographer "mini sessions".