Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mall Research

Ever wonder who is at the mall on a Tuesday afternoon in mid-March? I had the chance today to do some research on the subject and have broken it down into the following categories:

1. Moms and their babies (not a surprise, given that I was there). We're usually alone although some come in groups. I've never understood the group mall walk. Do we all just follow each other into every store? Do we then wait until everyone is done in that store? It just doesn't seem convenient. I saw one of these groups today and had to hang back so that I didn't suddenly merge into their group with my stroller (it only takes a stroller to make it look like you're part of their group). I guess I just figure, if I had someone to be hanging out with, why would we be at the mall?? Why wouldn't we do something a bit more fun.
2. Mall walkers (usually of the 70+ demographic). Also saw a few of these today. They, like me, are probably sick of sitting inside and head to the mall to have "fresh air". By "Fresh air" I mean any air that isn't the air in my home. I've been breathing it all winter and it is no longer "Fresh".
3. Mall workers. Yep. The only other category of people I saw at the mall today were people who worked at the mall. They must take turns coming to each others' stores on their breaks. Perhaps they are scouting the competition.

Hopefully nice weather comes soon and I won't need to be at the mall next week.

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