Monday, February 23, 2009


Saturday was the day! I've kinda been counting down the days for her 6 month birthday because I wanted to take Mad swimming. I personally hate swimming (not so much the swimming part....but I hate getting wet and I hate being cold even more than I hate getting wet) but Michael loves to swim and I knew that swimming would be something he would really like to do with her.
So we decided Saturday we would take her (a few days before her 6 month bday....but they didn't ask for ID). We bought swim diapers and put them on her before we left the house. I didn't know that swim diapers don't actually hold pee pee (goes right through them). Good to know for the future....apparently she peed her diaper in the men's change room and it got on the floor.
Anyhoo. Once changed into our suits we skipped mandatory pre-shower and headed straight to the pool. Luckily our local pool has parent and tot swim so there were only 2 other families there. We both hopped in the water with her. I was quite proud of myself for getting right in. I was also proud of the fact that I was in a bikini mid-winter. We took turns touring her around the pool and letting her splash. She held her hands in tight fists close to her body (which she often does when she's unsure). But she didn't cry. She didn't really laugh or smile either, but I think she enjoyed it. 20 minutes later we were out of the pool. It's all about baby steps - we don't want to over stay our welcome. But overall it was a fun family time. I think we'll do it again soon. No pics to share - they don't let you take pics at the public pools anymore.

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