Friday, January 2, 2009

New Years, Sickies & Sleep

Happy New Year everyone!! We brought in the new year here at home with a couple of friends. I ended up getting the flu from Michael and was in bed by 10pm....but I hear there was a great hockey game on and I do recal Michael waking me up at midnight (was a nice gesture but I don't think I was too responsive). Here's Madeline getting ready to party

In other news, Mad's 2 bottom teeth have now broken through her gums and she seems to be in less pain. It was getting a bit rough there for a while!!
Speaking of rough, we're currently battling some new sleep issues that Maddy seems to have developed. Apparently a "4 month sleep regression" is very has something to do with her maturing sleep cycles. For us, it means that our baby who used to sleep through the night is now up allllll night long, sometimes only sleeping for 10 minutes before she's up again. It seems that the only thing that helps her sleep is to be in bed next to me. This means that Michael gets kicked to the couch. We're hoping to try the Feber method this evening to see if it helps. Pic from story time last night....

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