Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ferber, Resolutions & the Bumbo

It's Saturday night and night #2 of us trying to use the Ferber method to help Mad sleep at night. For the first night she cried for 2 hours (with this method you go into her room at certain intervals to sooth her briefly and then you leave again). Tonight she only cried for 1 hour. The main benefit was that instead of waking every 20 minutes throughout the night, she slept from 8pm-8am last night. She woke up super happy and well rested....chatting away to herself in her crib.
We took a little trip to Stouffville today to visit my family and to pick up the new high chair they bought Maddy. They also got her a Bumbo chair. I'll post pics for those of you who don't know what a Bumbo is. She seems to love sitting in this chair like a "big girl". For a few weeks now she's been trying to sit up in her bouncy chair....which didn't work too well!
Lastly, I thought I would post what my new years resolution is (that way there's more incentive to stick to it!). This year I'm going to try to eat mainly organic meat, dairy and produce (where practical of course!). It'll take a bit more planning and a few extra shopping trips, but I think it's worth it. I'm also going to try to work more natural/organic products into the house (cleaners, paper towels, soaps, detergent etc). We're pretty lucky to live in a city that has quite a few options for finding these products, which keeps the cost reasonable. Off to bed I go.

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