Tuesday, January 20, 2009

All about the food

So we've been keeping busy over here! Over the weekend I went to the spa for a massage. It was the first massage since pre-baby times and it was magical. We also had Tony & Amy over for lunch. We heard all about their recent trip to Cozumel and they got to see Maddy. T'was lovely.
The big event of the week was the arrival of my first box of organic produce. I signed up with a company Amber recommended - Front Door Organics. Each week they bring me a box (actually it's a Rubbermaid container) full of organic produce that I've selected. Monday was my first delivery. I was like a little girl waiting to open a birthday present!! It was actually a bit odd how excited I was. My "Fresh Box" (their words.....Michael thinks it's dirty sounding) arrived after dinner time and Michael and I opened it together. We even got a free loaf of bread from Ace Bakery. So far the produce has been impressive. So next Monday we put our empty Rubbermaid container outside and they'll bring us a new one with veggies and fruit in it.
Here's a pic from bath time this week.
In Maddy news.....she's been doing very well with her solids. We're still just doing one feeding per day (around 5pm) and so far she's tried rice cereal, carrots and apples. She seems to like them all (carrots are her least favourite). We'll soon add another feeding of solids (maybe breakfast).

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