Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Date Night

So on the weekend my Mom and Aunt babysat Maddy so that Michael and I could have our first night out. We brought Madeline to Nana's house around 4pm and went to dinner at 6pm. I used to make fun of people for eating at this hour on a Saturday....but now it all seems to make sense. 6pm actually even seemed a bit late given that I wanted to be home at a good time to put her to bed. My how things have changed :) in our excitement for "date night", Michael and I went skipping to the car from Nana's house. I managed to then fall on the pavement and ripped my pants open and scraped up my knee. I now have a huge scab forming on my knee and I no longer have my favourite pair of cords. We still made it to dinner on time and it was lovely!!

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  1. only our parents would still have a record that they never use!!