Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Boy Gets Bigger - 2 Month Birthday

As you can see, Bennett is growing into a little chubster! He continues to be a super happy baby and today we celebrate his 2 month birthday. At his last appointment (which was a few weeks ago) he was 10lb 5oz. We go back to the doctor this week for his 2 month shots, so I'll have a growth update soon.
I'm sure you can tell, from the lack of updates, that we've been very busy. I'm back at work now and we're still trying to find a routine with the 2 kids. Madeline is still adjusting to life with Ben around - she's very loving and gentle towards him but she freaks out if he cries (or if he even makes a sound like he might cry). She screams at the top of her lungs "baby cries! baby cries!" or "Mommy! Feed baby, Feed baby!" I can't figure this out. I'm not sure if she doesn't like the sound or if she is mad or worried about him. She's always been very sensitive, so I do wonder if she senses what he's feeling and she's upset she can't help him. Michael and I are both stumped on how to help her (and how to make it stop!!). It's the worst in the car, because we can't do anything about it. It has made for some very looooong car trips. I'm talking 3.5 hours on the way to the cottage with her screaming in the backseat. As you can imagine, I'm not in the mood to drive anywhere lately.

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  1. Oh so cute! I love the one of him with his hand on his head!