Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Little Dude

Bennett is now 17 days old and continues to be a very chill dude. Although he was born weighing only 6lbs 10oz, he's now currently packing on the weight. At his first appointment at a week old, he was up by over a pound. Michael and I can even notice a difference in how he fills out his car seat, his bouncy chair and his clothes (out of the newborn outfits).
He spends most of his days eating and napping with the occasional break to chill in his bouncy chair. He seems to love being swaddled or taken to the park with his big sister while he's in his sling.
Right now we're going through a period of fussiness each day around 3-5pm. This has been interesting for me because it's also when Madeline is getting a bit restless. Did I mention she cries every time he cries?? I can't figure out if she's crying because it upsets her (she is very sensitive) or if she's just trying to compete for my attention. I think it's the latter. Regardless, at 3pm today you should think of me and my competing babies.
For those of you who are wondering - I'm currently not working and am home with the kiddies. I'm off for a couple of weeks and will then be gradually easing back into work.

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