Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunshine Girl

I picked up some 50% off sunglasses for the little lady since she was always insisting on playing with mine.

Today we went to Dufferin Grove Park to celebrate our friend Norah's first birthday. I took my camera so I could grab some pics, but turns out the battery had no juice left :( It was a great day for a birthday at the park and Mads and I had a fabulous time. Swimming, swings, croissants & cake. I kept on saying "lets go see Norah" and she kept on saying "yeah, Dora!". Pretty sure she thought we were going to see Dora the Explorer.
oh and Dora's mommy had this awesome bubble machine set up. Maddy must have played with those bubbles for over an hour. Note to self: buy bubble machine.
It's late, I must sign off.
Hi Nana! hope you are having a nice trip - send us an email update!

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