Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Post for Nana

This post is for Nana! Nana is currently vacationing in Australia for 3 weeks so we're going to do our best to keep her updated with pics of Maddy. Yesterday morning we had a brief little photo shoot. Madeline had climbed into this big chair with her blanket in tow and then tucked herself in for a little snuggle. This kid is just like me and looooves her sleep.

Yesterday I took Maddy to the doctor - some sort of bone specialist. Our family doctor had referred us because we had noticed that she was walking with her feet turned out. So after the 40 minute wait (which I was actually expecting to be longer....how sad is that?) we visited with Dr. G. First thing he says to us? "why are you here, I don't see children". He was nice enough to realize that I had waited 2 months for this appointment, taken the afternoon off work, made Michael take a train, subway AND cab to pickering that morning for a meeting so I could have the car to get to the appointment and then waited 40 minutes to see him. So he humoured me and moved along with the appointment. In the end, he let us know that Maddy's feet are a bit flat and they're making her walk with a bit of a turnout. He said that she'll outgrow it as her arches rise and strengthen. We can help her strengthen these muscles by having her do "tippy toes" more often. And with that - we were done.

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