Sunday, December 20, 2009

Weekend Fun

Here are some pics from the weekend. We were quite busy getting all of our shopping done. Took Mads to the mall on Saturday morning - surprisingly not that busy. Were able to pick up a couple of gifts before she decided she didn't want to be in the stroller any longer. She wanted to hold our hands and walk through the mall. Not an easy task when you've also got a stroller and lots of bags to carry. On top of that, she didn't nap and got a bit cranky - so we headed home after about an hour. The good news is that we've learned to be extremely efficient at the mall, cause you never know when she's going to announce it's time to head home.
I also picked up these little green clips for her hair. You can see them in one of the pics below. I don't think she has enough hair for them yet, but I tried.
In other news....have you seen those Telus billboards with the hippo on them? Madeline looooves these! We see 4 of them on the way home from daycare and she gets super excited to see them. She's even started to point and say "hppo". Other new words: baby and more. She can also kind of say "apple".

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  1. She's so cute Kathryn! Haha about the hippo ads, I sang the song to Talon and he immediately started crying! I'm going to upload the video on my blog.