Monday, November 16, 2009

Yummy Mummy Club Event

Myself, Nadine from Sweetmama, Erica from YMC & Mo from Wee Welcome

So last week I attended a dinner hosted by Erica Ehm from the Yummy Mummy Club. The dinner brought together "influential" online Moms (Moms who run websites, who are active on twitter etc) to learn more about Windows 7 from Microsoft. You can read more about the dinner here on Erica's blog
It was a fabulous evening. I got to meet all the wonderful Moms I've been connecting with over the past year through blogging, twitter and my role at Mom Central. The wine and conversation flowed freely! It's hard to imagine walking into a room of women you've only met online and feeling like you've known them forever. I did know Nadine, Mo and Erica before this event, but the rest of the Moms I hadn't met in person.
Here's the group shot....
Microsoft also took us through all the highlights of Windows 7. Most of you know where my husband I was sold on Windows 7 about a year ago :)
Oh - if you check out Erica's twitter name is really Kathryn_Easter. You can also find me at MC_Canada

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