Monday, September 28, 2009

Back from NYC & Walking!

Michael and I spent the weekend in NYC. Michael's 30th birthday is approaching and he had never been - so I thought it was the best way to celebrate! Our original plan was to take Little Lady...we even booked her a plan ticket. But that was when she was about 9 months old. Back in the days where she would sit in her stroller for hours and then lie down to take a little nap while we ate in a restaurant. As we approached her first birthday, I started to notice that she didn't want to be in her stroller....she wanted to be out crawling and cruising. In restaurants she no longer napped, she begged to hold your hand and walk around to visit people at other tables. Eating in a restaurant now lasted about 15 minutes.
So plans changed. Aunt Katie and Grandma (Michael's Mom) offered to babysit her for the entire weekend!! It was an offer we couldn't turn down. I knew she would be in good hands and Michael and I would get to see the city the way it's meant to be seen (not carrying a stoller up the subway stairs and heading to our hotel every few hours for nap time).
We had a fantastic time. LOTS of walking.....I have been to NYC many times for work but have never really seen the city as a tourist. We saw all the major sites (some up close, some from a distance), toured the Museum of Natural History (which I felt was just a display of stuffed animals), ate amazing food thanks to some great recommendations from friends who live there and even had time for massages and a couple movies! oh - I also got to sleep in past 7:30!!
Needless to say, I was SUPER excited to come home to see Maddy. Everything in NYC reminded me of her. When we pulled up at the house and got out of the cab she was waiting on the porch with Grandma. She didn't recognize us at first but when we got closer she realized. Her mouth dropped with a look of surprise and it quickly turned into the biggest smile I have ever seen. She looked older and bigger - more like a toddler. Yes, I realize it had only been 4 days, but it's true. Then she showed us what she'd been working on all weekend - she was now walking!! I hope to post a clip of it soon. Off to bed!

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