Tuesday, June 9, 2009


I miss having Mad at home during the day while I'm working!! As I mentioned before, this month Maddy goes to the other family's house for daycare. This means that we usually leave the house around 8am and pick her up around 5:30. In the morning there's usually just time to get her dressed and fed and then we're dropping her off. In the evening she has dinner, bath, bottle and then she's in bed around 6:30. It just doesn't feel like enough time to be spending with her each day!! When the nanny came to our house, I definitely had more time to spend with her - I guess it gave us an extra 30 minutes in both the morning and the evening. Not a lot of time, but we would at least get to play together.
So tonight I've been working late and I hope to go pick her up from daycare early tomorrow. Maybe we'll go to the park together. That will be nice :)

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  1. It's so true, when I'm working I miss my boys like crazy and can't wait to get home to see them! The importance of a weekend is not fully realized until you have kids, you know? And I love evenings at the park with my boys!