Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Happy 10 Month Birthday Madeline!!

Today is my little Pooh Bear's 10 Month Birthday!! It seems that for most of her "month" birthdays she likes to reach a new milestone. It's almost as if she knows I'll need something to write about on her blog. Wise young girl.
So yesterday was the first day that Maddy walked with her walker (remember the fisher-price car we bought that she looooves). For a few days in a row she had been holding onto the car and literally running as fast as she could on her knees. It's quite amazing how fast she could go. Then just yesterday she stood up and just started to walk while pushing it. She probably went about 4 steps and then sat down. This evening she was doing about 10 steps.
I have video - I will try to post it tomorrow.

Since it's her 10 month birthday, that means I really need to kick my party planning into high gear!!

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