Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Gettin' into everything

Now that Maddy can crawl (and crawl fast) she's into everything she can find. I'll put her down at one end of the room and seconds later she'll be at my feet (or at the door, or in the kitchen or playing with the wine bottles). She's also getting quite good at standing up on her own. Now I'm just watching to see if she starts to cruise around the furniture. She's so much fun at the moment - we play games with her, she loves peek-a-boo books and pulling my hair. She's chatty and also plays well on her own. She's starting to look more like her Daddy everyday. She seems to go through phases where she looks like me, then she'll have a phase where she looks like her Dad so maybe she'll start to look like me again! Here are some pics of Mad on a mission.

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