Thursday, May 14, 2009

Monkey Business at Breakfast

ack! It's been almost a week since I posted last. Busy times I guess - but that's still no excuse. I'll try to do better!
This week I spent Monday and Tuesday in Boston on business. Cora and I had 2 full days of meetings at Mom Central - we were getting caught up on everything the US business is up to and filled them in on what we've got going on in Canada. They threw us an awesome cocktail party that didn't seem to end (the kind of party where you move from outside to inside and eventually to the kitchen). I was exhausted by 10pm. We had been up since 4am - that's what time you have to get up when you're flight is at 6:30. I guess when I booked that flight I wasn't actually doing the math. Funny thing is, once you're a Mom, getting up at 4am to start your day doesn't actually seem all that crazy. It didn't even phase me that I was also up at 2am to give Mad a bottle.
Our flight home was Tuesday evening and we at least managed to squeeze in an hour on Newbury Street doing some shopping. Love Boston. I was so excited to get home that evening!! This trip was harder to be away from Maddy and I was just so happy to see her when I got home. I was actually thrilled when she woke me up at 3am for a bottle.

Here are some pics from this morning of Mad having breakfast with a friend.

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