Sunday, May 31, 2009

First Day of Daycare

While Maddy has had a nanny for the past month, Friday was her first day of care away from our house.
Since we share a nanny, we take turns having the kids at our house.
So all of last week I was feeling a bit nervous. I have spent the past month getting to know our nanny (hate that word...she's so much more than a "nanny"...I will call her our DCP for "daycare provider") and seeing how wonderful she is with Mads so I wasn't worried about that. But it just felt like such a big change to have to go drop her off somewhere for the entire day and not get to hear her and know that she's okay while I'm working from home.
I'm very good at WORKING, while I'm working from home. The TV never comes on and I don't do house "stuff" except for throwing the odd load of laundry in the wash. And I had also been very good at not running upstairs to say hi to Pooh Bear every 10 minutes.
I actually did the opposite - I tried to not say hi the whole day, as it tended to make things worse for her. She would see me and get excited and want to play.
So I usually came out of my office to grab lunch only when they were at the park or out for a walk.
But I still liked that I could hear what they were up to. I knew when she was napping or when they went for a walk. It was nice and it was comforting.
But now that she's at the other house, I don't get to have that comfort all day long. I'm sure, like all other things, I will adjust to this.
So Friday came and Michael and I both went to drop her off. I decided I would hang out there for a while to help her adjust. I probably ended up being there for close to 2 hours. It was hard to leave :) 
Once I got back to the house it seemed so quiet!
I worked for a few hours and then called Michael around 3:30 to see if we could go get her early.  Not my most productive day at work.  
Michael and I met at the house around 5pm.  He called me to make sure I didn't go inside without him.  We both wanted to be there to see how happy she was to see us.  
When we walked in she was playing with toys on the mat. In all honesty, she was happy to see us, but I was expecting her to be happier.  I think maybe she was a tiny bit bummed that she knew play time was over.  
It was so nice to give her a big hug and kiss!!  Sigh.  
We hit up our favourite Greek restaurant for dinner and asked Mad about her day.  She told us stories and made friends with 2 young girls at another table.  She's growing up so quickly!!

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