Saturday, April 11, 2009

Nanny Hunting

We're on the hunt for a nanny. It's such a difficult thing to do. I keep looking at the resume's people are sending me and there's always something that makes them not perfect for the job of helping raise Maddy. It's actually quite stressful. I'm trying to find the right balance of young & fun combined with maturity & experience with infants. I want someone local (East end of the city), with first aid certification, ECE or teacher's college a bonus :)
I'm sure most people know of the crazy day care situation in Toronto. It's nearly impossible to get a spot for an infant or toddler. I've had day cares tell me the waitlist is 2 years long (and also offers to put any un-conceived children on the waitlist, just in case). So that, combined with Maddy's age, make getting a nanny the best solution for us.
Just last week a couple we know asked us if we'd consider a nanny share. We know this couple from when we lived in the condo. They had dogs and we had Winston, so we met through our dogs. They were pregnant at the same time we were and also ended up moving to the East end and we've kept in touch on facebook and email. Their son is about 2 months older than Mad. They both seem to be easy going babies so I think they'll get along nicely. So we're hoping to make something work with them because it would be nice for Maddy to have someone to play with each day and it would save some money.
So with this other couple, we met a great potential nanny yesterday. She's a kindergarden teacher with a daughter (1 year old). All 3 kids played nicely while the parents chatted yesterday (a good sign). The teacher would look after all 3 kids each day and we would alternate between homes (one month at our place, one month at their place). The woman seemed great - I got a good vibe the moment she walked in. Most people say that you'll know if the nanny is right for you in the first 2 minutes. I had a good feeling about here.
So right now we're just seeing if we can work out the logisitics. I will keep you posted!

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