Thursday, April 30, 2009

Last day of Mat leave

Today is my official last day of Mat leave. While I've been working for the past couple of months on my new business venture (, I haven't been doing it "full time". I grab any chance I can get while Mad is napping and then a lot of my work has been done at night. Tomorrow the nanny will be here all day and I will wake up and head on down to my office in the basement. I also have a lunch meeting planned, so I'm looking forward to that.
I thought I was going to be more emotional about this (earlier in the week I was a bit of a wreck) but I'm feeling ready to be going back. Seeing Mad with the nanny has helped. Maddy plays with Sarah (nanny's daughter who is 1) and I can see that she's going to have a great time and she's going to learn a lot. I'm pretty sure I'll miss her more than she'll miss me!!
I think the biggest adjustment is going to be figuring out our schedule. Michael has become pretty used to just having to look after himself in the mornings while I take care of Mad. But now we'll both be up in the morning and trying to get ready for work, while juggling getting Maddy up, dressed, fed, hugs and kisses etc. Then of course there will be the dinner drama....making sure Mad is fed, but also trying to make sure we aren't eating out every night. I'm going to stop there as I'm starting to stress out!
I'll keep you all posted on how this goes!

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