Sunday, April 5, 2009

Back from Boston

I survived my first night away from Madeline. I left for Boston on Thursday around 8am (details to follow this week) and didn't get home until about midnight on Friday. I had a great 2 days and I was thankful that I was very busy - as it kept my mind off missing the girl!! Maddy stayed in Toronto to play with her 2 grandma's and Michael and from what I hear she had a great time.
Since I'm still breastfeeding I had to pump for the 2 days that I was gone. This was quite interesting!! I've never had to pump in a public washroom before. At one point there was a line forming in the airport washroom while I was in one of the stalls. I'm pretty sure people were wondering what I was up to (and what the strange noise was). It's situations like these that probably make women stop breastfeeding a lot earlier than they would like to.

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