Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Sleep Buddy

When Maddy was first born she received a gift from our friends Tony and Amy. I didn't post about the magic of this gift then, but I feel I must speak about it now. I know there are other new parents that read this blog and I feel it is my duty to share the magic.
It's the FP Ocean Wonders Seahorse. Here's a pic for reference. Note: that is not my child.

So basically it's a stuffed animal with a belly that glows when you hug it. When it lights up it also plays soothing music with calming ocean sounds in the background. We've been using this toy since she outgrew the need for white noise. It's become part of her bedtime routine. After she's had her bath, book and bottle, we put her in the crib and give the seahorse a hug. Madeline will then immediately turn onto her side to see the seahorse and then off to sleep she goes. Recently she's been reaching out to the seahorse and touching its face (much like she does with human faces). It's quite cute to watch. We use this toy for nap times too and she's almost instantly calmed by it. It's her little sleep buddy. I am a HUGE fan of this toy!! The great thing about it is that it's also portable. I know that we'll be bringing it to the cottage this summer - which should make sleeping in a strange place a bit easier for Mad.

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