Thursday, March 12, 2009

From the weekend

Here are some pics from the weekend. The big developments over the past week have been her ability to sit on her own and play with the toys in front of her and also her desire to eat a lot of baby food!
The "sitting on her own" is quite a fun new stage. It allows me to put her on her playmat with a bunch of toys around her and she'll entertain herself for a good hour. The downside of this is that she can't get to that position on her own yet, so if she falls, I have to keep sitting her back up. Things she's loving to play with these days? Her Einstein table (with legs off), her sippy cup, Sophie, random kitchen items I bring out each afternoon as something "new and exciting" (for both of us!). Yesterday it was a rubber spoon. I wonder what I'll find today.
In the solid food department - she's eating almost anything I bring to her....and lots of it. Fruits are still the favourite but she is also really enjoying veggies now. Zuchini, Broccoli and Cauliflower are current favs. We have also introduced meats. Turkey and veggies were served and recieved pleasing results. I'm doing a mix of giving her food that I make and the store bought Organic baby foods. I haven't tried to puree meat yet - it seems bit more difficult. Maybe I'll put that on the "to do" list for next week.
Here are some pics from the weekend.
Eating her blueberries and pears.... Posing for Mommy

Playing with her LeapFrog table....

With Daddy at brunch on Sunday. We took her to my fav brunch spot - Universal Grill. They have the best pancakes there. I have actually become a bit of a regular there.....I try to convince someone to go with me almost every weekend. This weekend it was Michael and Maddy's turn. She was on her best behaviour. Sat on the table in her Bumbo and charmed the other brunch patrons while playing with her Sophie. Mornings are definitely her time to shine!

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