Friday, March 27, 2009

7 months

It's been awhile since I lasted posted. Michael was in Seattle for the week so I was doing the "single-mom" thing. Apparently single-moms don't have much time. I have a whole new appreciation for them. But Michael is back now....and so am I!!!!
In Maddy news.....she got another tooth! Yep, that makes 5. I wonder how many she needs to get before I stop announcing the arrival of each one?
This week she also turned 7 months old. Is it just me, or does 7 months sound so much older than 6 months? It's kind of like she's tipped the scale and she's now quickly approaching the 1 year mark. Party preparations must get under way :)
So while Michael was gone we hung low and kept it quiet. We visited Rachel and Zoe for lunch and a playdate. Nana came by on Wednesday so that Mummy could do her thing. The weather wasn't very good yesterday so we stayed in and waited for Michael to get home.
So at 7 months, Madeline is still a lovely baby! She's usually in a very happy mood. She really only fusses when she wants something and she's easily pleased. She babbles a lot (mostly, mama..mmmmmaaaa...mamamammmama) but she's adding in some new sounds too. She spends most of the day sitting on her mat and playing with toys in front of her and she's just now trying to get around a bit more by leaning forward and pulling herself towards the toys.
She's still almost exclusively breastfed (aside from her solids and 1 bottle at night). She just started to reject the bottle so she now has her formula in a sippy cup. Whatever works!! She also still sucks on her fingers and tells us she's tired by sucking on her fingers and playing with her hair with her other hand.
I'll try to get some pics up this afternoon when she's napping!!

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