Sunday, February 15, 2009


Saturday (Valentine's Day) we woke up and gave Mad her Valentine card and present. I had picked up a new book for her and a couple new spoons (you can never have too many!). We read the new book in bed with her and then I went off to brunch with friends in the morning. That afternoon, Michael and I took a walk to Queen St with Mad. We stopped for ice cream and eventually made it to the Mastermind Toy store. Love that store. I had decided that Madeline needed a new. She needed a "sitting toy".....something she could play with while she is sitting. We ended up picking out what we are calling "Elephant".
It seems to be a great toy for her. As she gets older I think she'll discover different things to do with it. Right now she mostly likes to suck on the Elephant's ears. Money well spent :) We also picked up a Raffi CD. I think this was more for me than her. Man does it bring back a lot of memories. Even the artwork is the same as when I was little. I think she'll appreciate it more when she's a bit older.

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