Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Photo shoot

So today we're not really doing much. It's Wednesday and usually my Mum comes on Wednesday's but she's got a cold (probably the same one we had when we went to visit her last weekend....oops). Michael has the car and it's too cold to go out in the stroller so we're just hanging inside trying to find ways to entertain ourselves.
So far we've been on all the apparatus....the playmat, the bouncy chair, the JJ, the swing, the high chair, back to the bouncy chair. We've watched Baby Einstein. We've sung songs on Mommy's lap. We've done impromptu photo shoots on the couch.
Little one is currently napping so I'll need to figure out some more things to do this afternoon.
Here are the results of the photo shoot. Chubby Monkey!!

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