Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Back to Yoga/ 4 month Dr Appt

Mad and I went to Yoga today. As some of you may know, in the fall we signed up for Yoga class. We only made it to half the classes for a number of reasons:
1. Maddy seemed to only want to sleep/feed/cry in the class
2. I fell and hurt my knee on date night
3. She started to sleep from noon-2ish

We were already signed up for the winter session so I was determined to make it today. It looked like she was going to sleep through it again. She was in her vibrating chair having her second nap of the day. This nap was passing the 2 hour mark (note: she napped for a total of 40 minutes yesterday!!). I think she sensed I wanted to go to yoga, so she wanted to keep napping. I turned of the chair and (surprise!) she woke up. So off we went (we were only 10 minutes late).

Now that she's older I thought we would have an easier time. She ended up crying most of the class, except when I was feeding her or singing "itsy bitsy spider". Seriously, what is up with her and this song!?! It stops her from crying no matter what is happening. So when i wasn't singing, I was whipping out my boob to feed her. Yes, people feed babies in yoga classes - it's the cool thing to do. I probably had about 5 minutes of actual "yoga activities". I don't blame her....it's the teeth!! Poor thing.

Monday was our 4 month Dr. appt. Mad now weighs 14lbs 7oz and is 25iches long. This puts her in about the 50-57th percentile for both weight and height. My reaction? "So my babie's average??". Nothing wrong with average. She also had her 4 month shots which were not so much fun. Once again, "itsy bitsy spider" saved the day. The nurse commented that maybe she's "musical".....I think she just likes to make her mommy look funny in public. Everywhere I go I'm singing that song....


  1. I'm not sure but your singing could be child abuse. I remember a trip to Florida. Perhaps Maddy is actually in shock and that stops the crying. Ha Ha


  2. AJ!!!! my voice is beautiful!!
    I'll sing "itsy bitsy spider" next time I see you.