Sunday, December 14, 2008

Family Sunday

Had a busy Sunday today. Since Michael was away last week I decided I deserved a little break and had brunch with Cora at one of my favourite brunch places - Universal Grill. They have the most amazing pancakes.....I can't get enough of them. I could eat one everyday. As the waitress described them - "they're like a cake" and I agree with her. They're like a delicious cake filled with fruit and then smothered in syrup and whipped cream. But enough about the pancakes.

Michael's Dad, brother and uncle came over for an afternoon visit. Here's a pic of me trying to give Mad her bottle.
We then headed to Stouffville to celebrate my brother's 19th birthday at The Steakout. Madeline's teeth were bothering her and she was fussy so Michael and I ended up trading off the bouncing and soothing duties for most of the meal. Fortunately, there was another family with a kid in the restaurant. We weren't the only ones crazy enough to bring a baby to a nice restaurant.

Matt and his niece at the restaurant.
The ride home got even more interesting. My sister Jenny and I had to sing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" the ENTIRE ride home. It was the only thing that would stop Maddy from crying. Just imagine 40 minutes of non-stop, out of tune, "itsy bitsy spider".

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