Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday Night Out ... and In

Had a lovely little Saturday today. Michael cleaned the eves troughs and raked the leaves in the backyard, while I played inside with Madeline. Around 4pm we decided we should go out for dinner.

We packed up the babe and headed out to the Sherway Gardens area. The plan was to go for a bit of a drive in the hope that she would have a little nap and sleep through dinner. We chose to go to Jack Astors - we had a gift card for there (no money needed to be spent!) plus the atmosphere is perfect for a 3 month old (it's loud enough that if she cries, we will just blend in). She fell asleep shortly into the car ride and was asleep when we were shown to our table.

It was shortly after I had a sip of my wine that the plan fell apart. For some unknown reason (maybe she didn't like the brown paper as a table cloth??), Maddy had a breakdown and started to cry. I have only heard her cry like this once or twice before. This was an unconsolable, gut-wrenching cry. We quickly tried everything we could think of to console her....bouncing, singing, funny faces, more bouncing, I even tried to breastfeed her at the table. Nothing worked.

Panic set in as I realized people were starting to look at as. I took Mads from Michael and bolted for the front door. 15 minutes later Michael emerged and since she was still crying we decided to get our food (that had just arrived to the table) to go. I ate the garlic bread on the car ride home and it seemed to ease my nerves :)

She ended up falling asleep about halfway home and we finished dinner at our dining room table (no brown paper table cloth needed). It was a lovely night, even if I didn't get to finish my wine.

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