Tuesday, November 25, 2008

It was just 3 months ago

Yesterday was the 24th of November which means it was just 3 months ago that Madeline was born. For some strange reason it feels like she's been in my life longer than that. I've heard parents say it before and it now rings true - I can't imagine life without her. I thought I'd look back on the past 3 months and think about how life has changed

  • I can't seem to watch "Bringing Home Baby" or "Baby Story" without crying....don't even get me started on those "World Vision" commercials.

  • My day now starts at noon. That's about the time that I've showered, had breakfast and consumed a cup of coffee. I'm actually quite impressed that this all gets done by noon.

  • Days can go by and I don't leave the house except to get the mail. My Mother will be mad reading this....she believes a baby needs to be outside once a day. I would agree.....but the weather has been such crap lately.

  • My boobs are no longer mine (or Michaels) - they belong to the baby.

  • I now have a whole new appreciation for single moms .

  • The world seems like a scarier place when you have someone to protect .

  • We now have a "system" when we go out in the car.....it's all about keeping her moving to minimize any crying. It takes extensive planning and precision. If you forget something in the house, too bad, you're leaving without it!!

  • I have baby brain. I recently went for a walk and left the car door open (as in wide open). I had to check the car for squirrels when I got back.

Things have changed, but definitely for the better. It's been an awesome 3 months.


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